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Longterm Financial Strategic Planning for the Company or Individual

This blog is for give a Longterm Financial Planning Strategy for the company or individual for Investment and Trading in Forex, Future Index and Commodity Market. For this reason, the Client can be having fund as much as like below.

The amount of capital can be flexible on your fund capacity with segmentation :
1. Large investors with capital of US$ 25.000 to 100.000
2. Secondary capital investor with US$ 10.000 to 24.000
3. Small investors with capital of US$ 1.000 to 9.000.

The average ROI for all segments of 300-850 %/year. The greater the capital, we chances of getting the optimum benefits are also getting bigger.

Year I : US$ 50,000.00 x 450% = US$ 225,000.00
(2012) Initial Capital (Year I) = US$ 50,000.00
Profit Year I = US$ 175,, 000.00
Fund Manager Fee : 35% = US$ 78,750.00
Net Income Investor = US$ 96,250.00
Investors drawn Profit = US$ 46,250.00
Retained earnings for Year II Capital = US$ 50,000.00

At the end of Year I, the investors get back Funds Beginning of Year I + Profit Year I = US$ (50,000.00 + 46,250.00) = US$ 96,250.00. Also for Year II and beyond. If capital is greater, in addition to
provide a higher level of leverage is also more convenient in position the portfolio management transactions to be more flexible and powerful. The initial capital used is the second year of profits in the year I.

Year II : U.S. $ 50,000.00 x 550% = US$ 275,000.00
(2013) Initial Capital (Year II) = US$ 50,000.00
Profit Year II = US$ 225,000.00
Fund Manager Fee: 35% = US$ 96,250.00
Investor Net Income Investor = US$ 128,750.00
Investors drawn Profit = US$ 38,750.00
Profit for Year III of Capital = US$ 90,000.00

At the end of Year II, the investors get back at Beginning of Year Fund II + Profit Year II = US$ (50,000.00 + 38,750.00) = US$ 88,750.00.

Year III : US$ 90,000.00 x 650% = US$ 585,000.00
(2014) Initial Capital (Year III) = US$ 90,000.00
Profit Year III = US$ 495,000.00
Fund Manager Fee: 35% = US$ 204,750.00
Net Income Investor = US$ 290,250.00
Investors drawn Profit = US$ 90,250.00
Profit for Year III of Capital = US$ 200,000.00

Year IV : US$ 200,000.00 x 750% = US$ 1,500,000.00
(2015) Initial Capital (Year IV) = US$ 200,000.00
Profit Year IV = US$ 1,300,000.00
Fund Manager Fee: 35% = US$ 525,000.00
Investor Net Income = US$ 775,000.00
Investors drawn Profit = US$ 375,000.00
Profit for Year III of Capital = US$ 400,000.00

For the Year I, we can only provide about 450% and profits rose steadily with increasing the amount of capital, but the Year IV, we berusahauntuk continue to provide about 750% profit. In Year III, after successfully by referring friends and others, we can make the Company's financial fund that can trade directly with foreign professionally managed by recruiting young workers are skilled and qualified Graduated and can be given the opportunity to seek knowledge Post Graduated (Master and Doctor).
After the company's standing, then we will no longer be a Fund Manager, but as a professional manager of the company who were given a monthly salary alone.

 Foot Note : 

This is shorterm and longterm fluctuation which will be happen in naturally that drive by mood and psychological global mass to take trading positions in crowded market. But if there are a very urgent fundamental data or news, the fluctuation in graphic maybe happen in turbulence fluctuation move up or move down more than shorter forecasting.  And a part of big fluctuation dynamic on biorhythmic and biocycle in midterm and longterm cycle. So you may not being only Globalize with Internet but now you must be have vision as GALAXIZATION with GALAXINET    
Where we can know the strains and the condition of the Universe Kingdom in the short term (10 years), medium term of 50 years and long term 100-200 years), which will also be evident in a "Certainty of Life (certainty) rather than uncertainty (uncertainty) "who always complained of many parties, including the leaders of the state policy makers, leaders of business policy (industrialists and traders) as well as experts in various fields of life. The power and influence of Universe Law (Universe Kingdom) this will always affect every aspect of our lives on this planet, either consciously or unconsciously to anticipate properly. 

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