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Some tips to get your Instinct, Intuition, Insight and Oversight that to know what happen in the Future as a Good Human Visioner

By : Edmond F. La’lang (economic and environment observer)

              In reality, the conomic and business, social, politic and the other human activities have some fluctuation dynamic in every environment with run over time that makes much more turbulencies, uncertainty, risks and any problem in your economic and business condition, social, politic and the other human activities that often many peoples not know when this coming.  So, you must have a good vision to know much about the future in your business life cycle or everything in your life cycle to anticipated, prevention, problem solving and avoid anything whatever problems and risks that comes to faced with smart solutions.
                To do that, you must have open mind and open heart to acted some of this in your mindset (brain perform) and mentallity (clearly listen to your deep heart). So can have a good insight and oversight on all things to know what happen in the future with sixth sense : 

1. If you are below (above ground level), then our view is only limited power teristrial eye, not far and wide barriers by building height and other properties). Try to go up to a tall building, the more extensive and much scenery can be seen. Then went up to a high hill or the top of the scenery that looks more and more remote and spacious. Then catching a plane or space rocket, then we can look more broadly this earth. Similarly, I think with an open mind for a vision we can see what will happen in the future without having to quack about volatility in the rupiah, inflation, mortgage interest rates, business opportunities by way of thinking "think out of box"in order to obtain information on natural world and the universe. Said Georges Soros, Sam Pendelton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet one of the richest people in the world financial namely walk 6 months ahead of the curve / graph, then you will not lose and get lost in the global competition will reap even greater profits. So they are a market maker, market driven and market innovation, we are even so called "bad follower" alone, so we are increasingly left behind in globalization.

2. The view we should go into the universe to see billions of stars scattered in the sky at night, as we also saw a number of our competitors billions of people around the world. Our view this is to be divergent from one point (the eye, mind, heart and personal vision) that will further widening and widening. This method is the credo of "all for one" that we as human beings are weak and lack will conduct a full compliance with the Creator of the Universe, the spirit of agape, unselfish human being and reflect together on this earth. How small the earth is much less ourselves in this universe. His life is being open mind, open heart, open hand and open pocket with more oriented interests of God, nature, world, country, community, enterprise, large families, then his wife and children themselves. Who's views toward a single point (convergence) to be egocentric, closed attitude (close the mind, heart close, close hand and close-pocket) and an introvert with a credo of "one for all". This man is like a ruler monopolist who always have to be served rather than serving each other is human and natural environment. This view shaped convergent from broad to a point that is itself a selfish, greedy, self power, felt himself a king, like his own good and want to win themselves. So felt he was the center of everything, everyone must follow all his will and always willing to power, winning continues, rich and popular by any means to get pleasure themselves. But oddly enough he would often beg in his prayer for forgiveness and was given a lot of luck by his Lord, but much less think about the natural environment, world, state and other communities, except his own wife and children, close relatives, cronies, and groups of supporters. 

3. Imagine, feeling, viewing, and admiring of the beautiful mosaics from the strains of the graph, like an expert on volcanology oversee the movement of the earth's crust, a doctor look at a chart ECG heart and entire body of patients to detect disease. Medium economists and business people see the rhythm of the pulse and rhythm of surfing water turbulence and aerodynamics of air from the business activities of sectoral and macro-economic and many other ways besides the science of economics to see insight, visionary and futuristic on the dynamics of business and economics. So, the businessmen and economists are not confused, missed and lost in business planning, national economic development (budgetting and sectoral development priorities) as well as in decision making for middle and long term planning than to get caught up in mathematical economics shell with various derivatives, which would lead to disaster crisis sub-prime mortgages and 10 times the level derivatives in the assumption that all risks (risk free) can be minimized with only using a mathematical formula which is too complicated and sophisticated, but ultimately create derivatives giant building collapsed in a fragile land (the weak property loans) and the systemic impact across all sectors Improvement, companies Other finansil services and manufacturing, especially in the U.S., Europe and Japan, including the potential bankruptcy debt in Greece, Portugal and Spain with the use of derivatives CDS (Credit Default Swaps) and CDO (Credit Default Obligations).

4. Share your wealthy, God says if you have mustard seed faith only, then you shall have power to move a mountain to another place. If you get a fortune, share it to your religion (Christian 10% for tithing, as well as other religions) and to the neighbor. We will give at least 30% of the profits to others to be more developed, George Soros has donated more than $ 20 billion, Bill Gates has reached USD 28 billion (equivalent to wealth now), Warren Buffet donate tens of billions of dollars and Pendelton contribute billions of USD in the face of capitalist accumulation as a socialist (philantrophic) throughout the world. Then why do not we, who have been enjoying a lot of heritage resources, without needing to have to work hard and compete well, compared to Japan, Singapore and other developed countries. The Company is currently active in conducting Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Development and Environtment Care (Green Revolution), is something that is good enough from its promotional intent element is not too dominant. 

5. Be open to receive all the information is good and right (open mind and open hearts). Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic no longer rely on globalization (30%) with internet computer systems, but have been relying galaxisasi with galaxinet system using an open brain as a super ultra-sophisticated computer which created by God to be utilized humans as intelligent beings in her life in a wise, true and fair ( brain usage will reach 20-35%, compared to now only use the brain capacity of only 00-10% only and rely more komputersasi systems in all areas). Indeed, humans have created a main frame computer systems that are bio-hybrid, artificial intelligent and other systems of dimension 3, such as video and mobile phones). 

6. Live naturally (back to nature) and be not too excessive, such as overdose (drugs and narcotics), over-consumption (eating, drinking, alcohol, property and luxury goods), over-investment, over supply, over-demand, overbought and over-selling, over greedy, over-reactive and other excessive nature, where the money is always used as a commander who can buy anything in this world. Do not climb the mountain but hike the hills, Because if you forced to raise with greedy, so the natural law (gravity force and the law of diminishing returns, the natural maturity and natural conditional reflex) will be forced down again on you to place Nowhere you are to climbing. 

7. Stay clean living, honest, not corruption, do not be selfish and greedy, social-minded (not to be confused with the system of socialist and communist left is misguided, and even then God precisely offered an opportunity for them, especially China and Russia to become world economic leaders), did not want to do another sin and obedient worship and synchronize between words, thoughts and behaviors, then God will give blessings of wisdom, a vision far ahead, thanks to the abundant good fortune, health and longevity, glorious achievements and super rich (like that have been achieved by the Jews.

Foot note :
This is shorterm and longterm fluctuation which will be happen in naturally that drive by mood and psychological global mass to take trading positions in crowded market. But if there are a very urgent fundamental data or news, the fluctuation in graphic maybe happen in turbulence fluctuation move up or move down more than shorter forecasting.  And a part of big fluctuation dynamic on biorhythmic and biocycle in midterm and longterm cycle. So you may not being only Globalize with Internet but now you must be have vision as GALAXIZATION with GALAXINET    

Where we can know the strains and the condition of the Universe Kingdom in the short term (10 years), medium term of 50 years and long term 100-200 years), which will also be evident in a "Certainty of Life rather than Uncertainty Life " who always complained of many parties, including the leaders of the state policy makers, leaders of business policy (industrialists and traders) as well as experts in various fields of life. The power and influence of Natural, Galaxy and Universe Law (Universe Kingdom / Source One in Central Sun Universe) this will always affect every aspect of our lives on this planet, either consciously or unconsciously to anticipate properly.

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